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Amour-Propre (Self Love)

Date: 2/26/2020 (Wed PM) 2pm-6pm

Cost: $235

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Class Description: 

You are going to do 4 cookies packed with lots of techniques using different mediums. Let’s have some springtime feel to create these cookie cards and encouraging cookies with following techniques.


We will learn how to:

  • Brush embroidery flowers and leaves

  • Needlepoint technique to pipe patterns on needle point edible fabric

  • Make different edible fabric flowers and leaves

  • Make wafer paper flowers and frame

  • Make royal icing transfer

  • Pipe letters

  • Paint on isomalt to create stained glass effect and paint on icing background

  • Stencil with royal icing

  • Airbrush flowers and with stencil

  • Details piping


Skill Level: Intermediate 

Prerequisite: Must be proficient in piping and flooding


All tools and materials will be provided for classroom use only.

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