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Springtime Is Here

Date: 2/26/2020 (Wed AM) 8am-12pm

Cost: $195

Register at CookieCon

Class Description: 

Whether you are beginner just started cookie decorating or you are experienced cookie decorator, you are welcome to join this class. In this class, you will decorate multiple cookies and assemble them into one 6.5” cookie platter.


We will learn the fundamental yet most important knowledge to start your cookie journey – icing consistency. When you have mastered the consistency, you will be able to achieve more complicated designs in the future. Besides icing consistency, we will learn to achieve puffy and smooth flooding with additional tips sharing in the class. With this hands-on class, I will guide and correct you for better piping skill.


Additional, you will learn some extra techniques such as wet on wet piping, speckled effects, quilt piping, details piping with lines and dots.


At the end of the class, you will be able to learn to flood and pipe in more effective way to create clean, smoother and puffy cookies. 


Skill Level: All Level


Pre-requisite: Whether you have no decorating experience or just started cookie decorating or you have been decorating for long but looking to improve your skill.


All tools and materials will be provided for classroom use only.

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