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STL Files Digital Download

STL file is 3D design file only. You need to have knowledge and responsible to create 3D modeling file and slice it on your own. Click here to read more requirement before you purchase these files.

Important Note: A confirmation email with links to download the files will be sent to your email address. Kindly use valid/current email address for purchasing this. Please make sure you have access to your PayPal email address if you choose PayPal as payment method. Download link is only valid for 30 days. Please download after the purchase.


  1. You need to have 3D printer to print the cutter

  2. You need to have knowledge to make the STL file into 3D model

  3. You need to have knowledge how to slice the 3D model and tinker the setting for better print quality

  4. I am assuming you are good at 3D printing at your own and no guidance on how to 3D model it or slice it or how to print it

  5. No support on any printing issues occurred from your 3D printer or your setting

  6. You are responsible to know how to use this STL file

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