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Together Forever

Date: 2/27/2020 (Thurs All Day) 8am-6pm

Cost: $395

Register at CookieCon

Class Description: 

We always dream to be old together with your partner. Let’s make this 8” x 9” 3D cookie set together. You will work on 3 cookies and assemble everything at the end of the class.


You will learn which icing consistencies to use for different parts of this cookie set and many more techniques such as:

  • Pressure piping for human

  • Face feature with dimensions such as puffy cheek

  • Details and dimensional piping

  • Create texture

  • Color shading

  • Glossy effect

  • Work with modeling chocolate

  • Paint with food powder

  • Grass like texture

  • 3D piped and royal icing transfer cherry blossom

  • Royal icing transfer

  • Painting with silver dust

  • How to make the cookies stand up with isomalt and royal icing


Skill Level: Advanced 

Prerequisite: Must have solid experience in piping and flooding


All tools and materials will be provided for classroom use only.

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