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CABS#1 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Online Class


New Student - USD $30
Returning Student - USD $25

**you still can register this class anytime. The class video is posted in the FB group. You can replay and watch the video anytime that you want to.

What you will learn?

6 characters including Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Pluto

(Total 6 hours class)

Class Scopes:

- Royal Icing consistency for this class

- How to use projector for image transfer and outline with edible marker pen

- Step by step to pipe each section 

- Tips to smooth icing surface using scribe tool

- How to achieve puffy section

- Applying details that make the difference



- Prepare template for hand cutting cookie dough if you do not have the 

   cookie cutters.

- Template file provided

- Image file for image transfer provided

- Royal icing colors checklist provided

- Additional tools checklist provided

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